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Australian Bush - As obvious as it sounds, this truly does represent the bush with notes of eucalyptus, pine & lemon myrtle and base notes of sandalwood & patchouli

Basil & Sweet Neroli - Juicy citrus and blossoms from the bitter orange tree combined with a zesty burst of basil & rosemary, make this a surprisingly delightful fragrance 

Burnt Fig & Cassis - The smell of sun ripened figs with cassis (a type of berry) mixed with other notes gives this an almost spicy sweet tone

Coconut Lime - Reminiscent of a tropical holiday, cocktails and suntan lotion, this fusion of lime, coconut & vanilla is a classic

French Pear - Originating in France, this variety of pear boasted the 'best in show'. Deliciously smooth, this one's also a classic fragrance

Japanese Cherry Blossom- A combination of pink Japanese cherry blossoms and mimosa petals balanced out with vanilla, oriental woods and tonka beans

Lemon Myrtle - Another uniquely Australian scent comprising fresh herbal notes and light citrus

Mango & White Tea - The perfect combination of white tea together with ripe mango and juicy peaches

Sandalwood & Musk - Blends of sandalwood & cedar lightly infused with musk, violet and jasmine, makes for a woody fragrance and a slightly more masculine scent of all my fragrances. Also affectionately known as the 'mandle' or 'man candle'

Sweet Lemongrass - A vibrant fresh fragrance of lemongrass with a squeeze of lemon & lime, makes this one a crowd favourite. I especially like this one for the kitchen

Vanilla Silk - A deliciously warm fragrance of vanilla, buttermilk, malt & musk. You either love it or hate it