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Candle Care

Do you want to get the most out of your candle? Of course you do, because let's face it, most of us don't have money to burn. Here are few steps to follow before lighting up.

First Light

The first burn is crucial, so your candle needs to be burning for at least an hour, or as long as it takes for the top layer of wax to fully melt all the way to the edge of the glass. See, this wax is sneaky stuff, it has a memory (it really does!) so if you only burn it for a small amount of time, the next time you light it, it will only burn as far as the previous time you lit it. Get it? Then you end up with a gaping tunnel down the middle and most of the wax around the jar is wasted!

The Long and Short of It

Another important step is to trim your wick to about 6mm before you light it (except the first light). The longer the wick, the quicker it will burn and the sooner you run out! It actually also help eliminate any black smoke & help stop the glass from overheating too. 

Useful Info

Keep your candle clean when not in use. Any debris or bits of wick can cause your candle to flicker (makes your glass black) and replace the lid when you're done. 

Don't burn for more than 3 hours and be careful when handling the glass as it may be quite warm. 

Keep your candle away from draughts or air conditioners whilst burning it.

If you don't have a fancy instrument like a snuffer to extinguish it, gently blow it out.    

And last of all, RECYCLE REUSE UPCYCLE your glass. It can be used for oh so many things! Just give it a wash with warm soapy water and voila!